Shira Bears All

Bearing ourselves is not an easy task for some of us; we are left vulnerable, at the mercy of others and open to being judged by all those around us. But for Shira, bearing herself comes easy when she happens upon an effigy of those often musky, beautiful creatures that roam our forests and woodlands, some are black, some are brown, some are tall and Grizzly and some are stout and timid. But all are the common image representing the wild side of our planet; those bold, untamed, natural creatures that embody power, strength, integrity and freedom, a fitting tribute to someone who’s evolved over the last few years to become all of that and more.


I might imagine that it isn’t too often that a person wandering through life would happen upon someone whom changes their lives by association. That in knowing that new person who’s crossed their path; they become stronger, more passionate, more honest and happier. Shira is that person for me, in spite of the fact that our backgrounds and previous chapters are so vastly different on the surface, there are elements of our lives, separately, parts of our stories that are darker and harder to reflect on than others, and in those we share common ground.

It’s within those shared tightly packaged boxes we have stored away, dark chapters, pained history that we have found each other and solidified our places within our newly shared lives, we began a new story together, started a journey during which we have learned to love again and in a different manner than before. It’s along the edges of these new paths we have discovered, these mountain corridors, rivers and abandoned roadways that we have found the strength to bear ourselves once more and in turn have been rewarded with a new trust, with honor and unrelenting and selfless love, unencumbered by guilt and freed by desire.

Shira has shown me a new way to love and be loved, and I cherish that. Thank you, I dedicate this to you.

Have you ever found yourself sitting alone, feeling as though you are just getting by, you try and keep your emotions at bay but some days it’s harder than others and they feel as though they are just under the surface, boiling, churning, waiting for that slight break in your mood to bust out and render you hopeless?

Then you hear that person nearby, at first you don’t see them but their laughter echoes in your mind like gnats around your ears. When you do see her, she is on her phone and attempting to keep her yogurt behind her lips as she cackles at whoever she is talking to. At first you hate her, she seems happy and that’s just plain annoying, especially when feeling happy is so hard for you, when feeling sad or even worse, feeling nothing is so easy.

Sometimes I think just getting by is all right, at least there is forward movement. Sometimes riding out the tough times is harder than other times but in the end you seem to keep making it through, and then it’s not so hard to allow myself to laugh, and laughing then tastes sweet, like fresh, wild, woodland blueberries.

Sometimes things won’t appear as they really are; we may feel tricked and betrayed by our own emotions, and that’s where we must decide whether or not to trust, to take a leap of faith, and hope.

And if we are patient and inviting, we may be surprised in the end. Taking that hug offered by a friend might feel like a trap, but it may also be a saving grace.

Fear can keep us safe, but it can also cripple us. It can keep us from harm but it can also prohibit us from discovering ourselves, our desires and realizing our dreams.

When we put ourselves out there and allow others to see us as we really are, naked and afraid, we risk being hurt, but we also risk being rewarded, growing stronger and prideful.

To be wild and free is to be vulnerable. To love and allow one’s self to be loved requires vulnerability.


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